Hi! I’m Stephanie and I’m so delighted that you’re here! I currently live in Baltimore, where I’m pursuing a PhD candidate in Political Theory. As a daughter and grand-daughter of university professors (all in the humanities I might add!), I inherited the love of books and knowledge, which is why my PhD specializes in early modern philosophy, sovereignty and witch hunts in the Renaissance. But I also developed a new passion in graduate school: striving for balanced living, finding calm and joy even when I’m in a high-pressure environment. I’ve been in graduate school 5 years already and I have a couple of more years left before I graduate (yes, it’s a long process!).

I’ve lived all over the world and many places have emotional and generational significance for me. I moved to Montreal, QC. when I was a 13 and my family has lived there since then. I love Montreal deeply and can’t wait to show you my city the next time I’m there! I was born in Lebanon and I am half-Egyptian too. I grew up in Lebanon, the UAE, Oman and Canada and I feel very connected to my Cairo roots. I first moved to the US for an incredible undergrad experience at UNC-Chapel Hill (forever a state school girl!) and basically stuck around since. In my free time, I love baking gluten-free and refined sugar-free treats, making yoga dates with my friends at my local studio, having emotional heart to hearts over herbal tea (scorpio rising here!) and reading fiction novels that have nothing to do with my research. It might sound basic but I have a weakness for the luscious thick descriptions in the likes of Edith Wharton and Thackery as well as for contemporary moody and stirring books like those Carmen Maria Machado writes.

Why I created this blog

I want to share my experience embarking on a journey to feel better in my body and my skin. This journey began 3 years ago, when I was feeling lethargic, sluggish and burnt out. I was constantly in need of coffee and sugar to function (you can about my process weaning myself off sugar here and coffee here). I was getting quite frustrated with that constant feeling of “brain fog”, a lack of mental alertness that clouded me until I had my first cup of coffee. In this blog, I take you through every step of my journey towards healthful living where I don’t have brain fog anymore, I am energized, can concentrate much more effectively, and just feel all round better.

This blog gives you a window into my journey progressively introducing new habits —some that my body has completely loved and others that weren’t such a good fit. So much of the health and wellness content out there consists of giving you professional advice on what to do to be healthier. While I am not an expert in nutrition or naturopathy (though I’ve amassed a lot of information from tireless research), I am here to give you a window into what it’s like to be on the receiving end of those health and wellness tips you see popping up everywhere!

I am hoping this blog can be a space for sharing stories, discussions (you can read more about herbal storytelling here). Hopefully, we can all inspire each other to become more attuned to what our bodies need so that we can feel our best. I am still learning, growing, experimenting. Far from trying to model “perfect,” I want to show you, in all earnest, the things I do that work for me and the things I’m still working on. I hope you’ll enjoy your time on this blog and keep coming back!

Much love, Steph.