A space for storytelling

There is so much content out there on how to be healthier: “10 things you can do to sleep better!”, “3 things you can do to focus better!” or “5 things you can do to be more productive,” etc. you get the message. I enjoy this type of content and I consume it on a regular basis but I’ve noticed that these wellness and health blogs are not always written in a personal format. The narrative voice tends to be instructional, omniscient and therefore professionally distant. As much as I enjoy searching the internet for these valuable health tips (as I write this, I was just on the internet researching low-histamine foods), I have been craving to read about people’s personal journeys around their interest in health, wellness, nutrition, clean beauty, etc.

I’ve learnt that you always have a story: when you make the choice to eat less gluten, or red meat, or to cut dairy out or to substitute refined sugar with unrefined sources, it’s because you have a personal trajectory that led you to make that kind of lifestyle decision. And that’s the stuff I am curious about. How did it go? Why did you make those choices? How do you keep up? I want to read about the struggles of weaning from a coffee or refined sugar addition. Tell me about your experience restoring your gut flora! Tell me about how you got your hormones back in order and what difference that made in your life, career, relationships. The most satisfaction I’ve gotten from these kinds of “journey sharing” are in health forums where folks get personal about how health and dis/ease impacted their life. But forums are just small snippets written by a person I will never know. I am left wanting more.

This lack of “health story-telling” if you will is why I am creating this blog. I am launching this site to share my ongoing journey towards cultivating a healthier body to live in and a healthier, more positive mindset to go with it. This is a journey I started four years ago, a year into an incredibly stressful PhD program. I grew so much since then and my approach to health and to my body has evolved quite a bit too. I want to share it all with you —the good, the bad and the ugly—with the hopes that you’ll be inspired to start your own journey too (even if it’s just an awareness of your body and its needs, and a kindness towards your mind.)

I also cannot stress this enough: this blog is not about losing weight or inspiring you to look like a magazine model. I definitely don’t and that’s not the point of all this work! Health is so much more than your size. Health, in my opinion, consists of cultivating a sort of sacredness towards the body, a deep respect for how it works and a devotion to making it work as best as it can. This devotion is, of course, emotional and mental as well. It’s a deep form of self-love and self-care. By learning to care for my body, I have been teaching myself that I matter. When I listen to my appetite or any other physical signal (like feeling tired, congested, puffy, etc), I send the message to myself that my every little movement is worthy of my attention. That the way I feel inside is crucial and needs to be attended to with the tools at my disposal (herbs, lifestyle choices, exercise, food medicine etc). I hope that I can show you, by giving you a window into my life, my routines, my thought-processes, that you are worthy of care, compassion, healing and growth. A lot of that emotional and mental transformation started when I started taking care of my physical body.

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